Real-time, In-Venue Shopper Interaction

Imagine knowing your customers as well as you know your friends and key employees.  Imagine being able to identify your best customers when they come into your locations and give them individualized offers in real-time, while they can act on them.  Imagine being able to provide offers to every customer that are tailored to them based not just on wh
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Social Shopping

Our GroopChooz™ Software allows shoppers on any eCommerce to ask their friends for advice on buying decisions.  Websites that are GroopChooz enabled allow shoppers to create “Chooz Groops” to add products into, and they can then send an invitation via twitter, facebook, and/or email to their friends for them to vote.  Voters come to the
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eCommerce Extensions

Magento, now owned by eBay, is the leading open source eCommerce platform in the world.  Open Commerce provides a number of extensions to that platform that extend its functionality and bring Enterprise level features to the community edition. Shop Our Store @
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