One-to-One is a MUST

Peas are commodities, people are not. People want to be treated like individuals and they want to do business with businesses that treat them as such. However, when you have tens of thousands of customers or more, how do you that?

Relevancy is the key to providing a compelling one-on-one experience to your customers. To provide relevant data and offers, you need to know more about your shoppers than what they have purchased in the past. You need to know who they really are – their social interests, demographic data, and current, real-time intent, and then tailor their shopping experience based on that individual data.

The only solution available today that provides this kind of information the ROADS Platform by OpenCommerce.

Social eShopping Has Arrived!

While shopping has always been a social activity in the real world, trying to add a social element to eShopping has long been the dream, but the reality has fallen short. You need to do more than set up a Facebook page and send tweets. You need to let your shoppers interact socially while shopping online. But how?

The GroopChooz product by OpenCommerce allows businesses to embed social decision making into their eCommerce websites, quickly and easily. GroopChooz enabled sites allow eShoppers to poll their friends via twitter, facebook, and email on their buying decisions and bring those voters back to your web site to vote.

GroopChooz will bring more people to your site, convert shoppers and voters into buyers and provide valuable insights into your customer’s social interests and demographics that you have never had access to before. Learn more about GroopChooz!

Why Real-Time Matters

What’s the best time to interact with your shoppers? Is it after they have left your venue, or is it while they are still there? Obviously, the answer is “While they are still there!”.

Allowing your shoppers to receive offers and information in real-time, in your venue, allows them to take action immediately, increasing their spend and providing you with valuable feedback.

The challenges of moving towards real-time interaction with your shoppers can be daunting. That’s why Open Commerce developed the ROADS platform. It allows you to quickly and easily move into the real-time space without spending the time and money trying to develop it in house. Learn more here!

Will Google Glass change the Retail Experience?

Google Glass is the headset that Google is working on that provides a transparent screen over one eye and has voice activated intelligent capabilities based on Android OS. You can do things like say “Take a picture” and it will record a photograph of what is being loocked at through the lens.

So, will Google Glass change the world? Probably not. Will it change the Retail experience? Probably – and it will make for some interesting new experiences when it comes to shopping. Obvious applications are augmented reality in the store (heads up data while looking at particular products), price checks against other sellers, and other things you can do with your smart phone now. The voice interactivity will be the most useful feature, but expect more context aware adaptation as well. For example, while I am in a particular shop, it will bring up my shopping list for that store so I can see it while I shop, etc. Should make for some pretty interesting stuff!