Real-time, In-Venue Shopper Interaction

Imagine knowing your customers as well as you know your friends and key employees.  Imagine being able to identify your best customers when they come into your locations and give them individualized offers in real-time, while they can act on them.  Imagine being able to provide offers to every customer that are tailored to them based not just on what they have previously purchased, but based on their stated interests from their social graph and rich demographic data.  Imagine being able to look at the demographic and social makeup of your shoppers at any or all of your locations.  In real-time.

Imagine no more.  The Open Commerce ROADS Platform delivers this and so much more.

Sound Interesting? Read further or contact us for a password to watch a video of ROADS in Action!

Benefits to your Business

  • Increase Revenue

    Increase revenue by providing the right offers to the right people at the right time while they are in your venue and can take action on it!
  • Gain Valuable Insight

    Understand your customers like never before by matching their social interests to their demographics and real time location. Answer questions like: "What is the most common music preference of women between the ages of 18 and 30 who visit my southern region locations". Slice and dice interest data with locations - the possibilities are endless!
  • Build Customer Loyalty

    Increase customer loyalty by providing exclusive offers to customers that are tailored to their stated interests, not just their demographic data or household level purchases.


  • Base ROADS Mobile Features

    - Location Finder with Map and Directions - Location Check In
    - Location Ratings / Comments - Receive Check In Offers
    - Receive Real-time Offers - Accept / Decline Offers
    - Redeem Offers - User account creation
    - User Profile Management - User Interest Management
  • Mobile Retail Module

    - Shopping List - Product Catalog
    - Product Locator - Personalized Circular
    - Loyalty Card - Gift Card
    - Voice Recognition for Shopping List and Product Locator
  • Mobile Social Module

    - In-Venue Chat - Friend Check-In Alerts
    - Share Offers on Social Media - Share Products on Social Media
    - Share Pics on Social Media
  • Integration Capabilities

    ROADS can be integrated with any backend systems you choose, including POS, inventory, loyalty, and product catalog.
  • Customization

    The look and feel of the mobile applications are completely customizable. The source code of the demo application is provided at no additional charge.
  • Scalability and Hosting

    The ROADS platform leverages best of breed technologies for robust scalability and performance, including highly scalable databases technology, grid computing, and high availability / auto-scaling architectures.