Social eShopping Has Arrived!

While shopping has always been a social activity in the real world, trying to add a social element to eShopping has long been the dream, but the reality has fallen short. You need to do more than set up a Facebook page and send tweets. You need to let your shoppers interact socially while shopping online. But how?

The GroopChooz product by OpenCommerce allows businesses to embed social decision making into their eCommerce websites, quickly and easily. GroopChooz enabled sites allow eShoppers to poll their friends via twitter, facebook, and email on their buying decisions and bring those voters back to your web site to vote.

GroopChooz will bring more people to your site, convert shoppers and voters into buyers and provide valuable insights into your customer’s social interests and demographics that you have never had access to before. Learn more about GroopChooz!

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