Will Google Glass change the Retail Experience?

Google Glass is the headset that Google is working on that provides a transparent screen over one eye and has voice activated intelligent capabilities based on Android OS. You can do things like say “Take a picture” and it will record a photograph of what is being loocked at through the lens.

So, will Google Glass change the world? Probably not. Will it change the Retail experience? Probably – and it will make for some interesting new experiences when it comes to shopping. Obvious applications are augmented reality in the store (heads up data while looking at particular products), price checks against other sellers, and other things you can do with your smart phone now. The voice interactivity will be the most useful feature, but expect more context aware adaptation as well. For example, while I am in a particular shop, it will bring up my shopping list for that store so I can see it while I shop, etc. Should make for some pretty interesting stuff!

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